Marianne Geurts

Losing the grip

Following Ricardo Semler for many years now, I am really touched by this recent interview (see link below; 1,5 hour but worthwhile watching)… He is spreading words in this video, but above all, spreading a specific kind of energy. Without being physically present within his companies (Semco), he influences the way people cooperate within Semco. And also outside Semco, because over the years, different parts (persons and groups) of Semco have been spread out all over the world. A kind of Semco style has been emerged.

Yes, Ricardo radiates something. Something that triggers the more natural, organic way of behaving. Something that increases the awareness of ego-driven behavior. Something that empowers emergent leadership, self responsibility and the trust to decide yourself about your incomes, your tasks, your working hours and job title.

And yes, this is what I do and that I long for to do more. Because it is time to stop losing our energy and money, losing it to the system we all created together. It is time to stop with acting out of fear of losing the grip. It is time to take my responsibility even more than I already did…