Marianne Geurts

Purple crocodile wants us to have the guts…

Lef om de natuurlijke weg te gaan

Imagine yourself as a mum or dad. Your kid told you about forgetting the purple crocodile in the swimming pool. You know those crocodiles, the plastic blown up ones. The ones on which you can sit and play in the water.

You head for the swimming pool. Your kid sees the purple croc. Standing in the corner of the sales counter of the swimming pool attendant. The attendant is sitting behind a glass wall, with a small open space to sell swimming tickets. You ask him for the forgotten purple croc. He turns around in the direction of the croc. He picks a form off the shelf next to the croc. Hands this over to you while ordering you to fill in both sides and having you to report this the next day at nine o’clock…

What do you think this pool attendant most likely wants to do, deep in his heart? Handing over the croc or the form? Yes, of course he wants to make this child happy. But… he forgot about that. He has made himself prisoner of the system.

So, what would the purple crocodile want? He wants us to have the guts to follow our hearts. To take our position and make things discussable. To create chances to make changes possible….